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Bike Seat Pads & Covers

Do you find yourself not using your expensive biking equipment because it just hurts too much to ride on it for very long? Well, we have an inexpensive solution to help get you on your bike and back in shape again. 


8 1/2" wide & 1 1/4" thick

7 1/2" Padded Seat Cover
Perfect for spinning classes!

Narrow Luxury Gel Seat Pad/Cover

Fits seats up to 8 1/2" wide 
and up to 11" long

Our Price $59.95

11" wide & 1 1/4" thick

Medium Luxury Gel Seat Pad/Cover

Fits seats 9" to 11" wide
 up to 11" long. 

Our Price $64.95

13" wide & 1 1/4" thick

Wide Luxury Gel Seat Pad/Cover

Fits seats 12" + wide*
 up to 13" long. 

Our Price $69.95

Genuine Sheepskin

Easy Seat Sheepskin Covers

was $34.95    
Our Price $29.95

Purchase with the Easy Seat & SAVE

Genuine Sheepskin

Easy Seat Deluxe/Easy Seat II
Sheepskin Covers

was $34.95    
Our Price $29.95

Purchase with the Easy Seat Deluxe & SAVE

1 1/2" thick & 16" wide x 12" long

18" Wide Luxury Gel Padded Bicycle Seat Cover 

Fits seats up to 18" 
Our Price $84.95



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